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Phuket Yacht Charter - Overview about Crewed Trips

Going on a cruising or sailing adventure in Thailand starts with a Phuket yacht charter service. You can go on a trip on your own if you are an experienced sailor or you can simply sit back and relax if you choose a crewed charter trip. Luxury yachts usually offer crewed trips, which are complete with a captain, the stewards to take care of your sailing and cruising needs and others.


Crewed Phuket Yacht Charter


There is no need to explain what a captain does during a yacht charter adventure in Phuket. However, luxury trips also have other personnel and crews to make your adventure so much easier and convenient all throughout.


Captains and Officers


The vessel could never go out and sail without the captain and the crew officers. They watch and supervise the everyday operations of the yacht including taking charge of the operation, navigation, and safety of everyone on board. They make important decisions in order to ensure the overall well-being of the yacht along with the guests and the other crew.




The steward or stewardess is the housekeeper, manager, host, and a creative. They have relevant and important roles to play throughout your trip because they take care of every significant detail. They prepare the yacht and do the service errands so that you only need to relax and not worry about anything at all.




Luxury yacht trips are not complete without the on board chef and his team. They obviously take care of your food and offer wonderful and sometimes weird tropical dishes for everybody on the yacht. You get a remarkable treat that only the VIPs would usually get.


Choosing a yacht adventure in Phuket is the right decision that you could ever make for your tropical getaway in Thailand. Know your crew and enjoy your trip!


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